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Dave Filoni Talks Mando Helmets Behind The Scenes Of ‘The Mandalorian’; Plus First Photo From Season 2

Dave Filoni has provided a better insight into The Mandalorian‘s helmet, explaining why he is different from Boba Fett while Jon Favreau has given us a glimpse of Season 2 and we see George Lucas visiting the set.

The Star Wars Show: Dave Filoni Talks The Mandalorian and Disney+ Goes Live

This week on The Star Wars Show: Disney+ is live! Get excited for all things Mandalorian as Andi sits down with Dave Filoni to talk details from the new Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Plus, check out an exclusive excerpt from Force Collector and find out how you can do good for the galaxy with the official Star Wars app.

Review: The Tables Turn in Marvel’s Star Wars: Target Vader #5


With the first two episodes of The Mandalorian and the Jedi Fallen Order video game dropping this week, Marvel’s comics are probably going to be coming in under the radar a little bit. Nevertheless, three new Star Wars comics are also out today, so read on for my review on the first of these three, Star Wars: Target Vader #5, to see if it’s worth pulling away from one of your repeat viewings of The Mandalorian to check it out. Spoilers ahead…

Pedro Pascal Reveals the Mandalorian’s Name

The Mandalorian Disney+

The mysterious lone gunslinger, only known as “The Mandalorian” has a name, and it has been revealed in the most surprising of places; not in a leak forum, or fan blog, but by the man who plays him! I am not sure I can even call this a spoiler if the lead actor of the show is revealing it, but if you don’t want to know, then obviously don’t proceed.

Menkind Launches Star Wars Collection in UK


With The Rise of Skywalker and Christmas both rapidly approaching, UK retailer Menkind has updated their Star Wars selection with a range of new products from Millennium Falcon desk lamps to Stormtrooper cheeseboards. There’s some great gift ideas here, so read on for more details.

The Mando Fan Show! Episode 1: “I Have Spoken”

Welcome to The Mando Fan Show, our show all about The Mandalorian! We will have an episode dedicated to each chapter of the series, and we kick things off talking about Chapter 1. We rate the show using Pedro Pascal Faces on a scale from zero to ten “Pedros”, point our Easter eggs and references, have an open discussion about the episode, and speculate and guess what will happen next!

The Mandalorian: Focusing on the Moments That Have Raised the Biggest Questions (SPOILERS)

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian has finally debuted, and with the first episode (which they refer to as “Chapters”) out, perhaps more questions have been raised that answers given. Vanity Fair explores some of the spots raising eyebrows, including the episode’s final cliffhanger reveal.

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